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Lauren Rocca

Lauren Rocca, EHS-hub News Editor

This is Lauren's second year on staff. You can follow her on twitter @lroccaEHS_hub. Her hobbies include Golden Line. Outside of school she is involved in Golden Line. Her favorite food is cartoon shaped Mac n Cheese. Her favorite song is "Shake it Out." A fun fact about Lauren is that she loves baby goats. Her favorite TV show is "Friends." After high school she plans on going to Mizzou. If she was having a conversation with the world she would want to know what's beneath everyone's surface.

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Mr. Blake visiting the SSD classroom, Nov. 5.

Feeling zesty

November 17, 2015
Project Semicolon is a non-profit organization that hopes to achieve lower suicide rates in the U.S. and around the world. A semicolon symbolizes a sentence that could have ended but didnt, similar to suicide prevention. Cameron Nisbet (12), supporting Project Semicolon, Oct. 19. It gets better, Nisbet said.

Living in color

October 20, 2015
The evacuated faculty and student body on the south side of the building, Sept. 10.

This is not a drill

September 10, 2015
With PROP4, the track will improve and turf will be installed.

On a new track

April 17, 2015
Church of Christ sign in Ferguson, Missouri, Nov. 27.

Signs of Ferguson

December 5, 2014
Future location of proposed mine, Augustine Rd.

Fields of dispute

September 23, 2014
The security gate by the gyms went up after the tragedy at Sandy Hook in 2012 as a precaution, to insure student and faculty safety. Such tragedies are not new to American schools. Mr. Frank DeAngelis, todays speaker, was principal at Columbine when two students attacked the school and killed 13 people in 1999.

Insight on Columbine

September 15, 2014
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