Signs of Ferguson

What should you know?


Theresa Rogers

Church of Christ sign in Ferguson, Missouri, Nov. 27.

Lauren Rocca, News Editor

The hub staff struggles to make sense of all the events taking place around the death of Mr. Michael Brown, shooting victim, in much of the same way the world struggles to make sense of it. Officer Darren Wilson, Ferguson police, shot and killed Mr. Brown, Aug. 9. Protests, riots, looting and fires have ensued since that day, starting in Ferguson, 36 miles away, and spread across the country to include, protests in Seattle, Chicago and New York and reaching across the Atlantic to London, England.

The coverage is everywhere and exhaustive, but how does one sort through it all?

The Hub editorial board has compiled a variety of sources to help readers sift through the issues that started in Ferguson, Missouri and are now working their way around the world. The hub will later publish an in-depth feature. For now, check out the sources that got us thinking.

The controversy arose around the circumstances of Officer Wilson’s shooting of Mr. Brown. NPR’s timeline of events surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown offers a scope of consequences; take a look at the events in August and how they unfolded to Thanksgiving.

A grand jury‘s decision sparked more protests and riots, but what is a grand jury really and what exactly do they do?

Government officials and citizens grew anxious awaiting the grand jury’s decision. St. Louis continues to be in the national news. Mr. Brown’s parents speak, and the media makes predictions of people’s reactions to the grand jury’s decision.

Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted. Find out how the grand jury reached a decision here.

President Obama spoke to the country about the events unfolding in Ferguson and urged the nation to protest peacefully. Take a look at Obama’s speech the night the verdict was released.

The verdict released, the controversy continues. Find out what happens next legally and the reactions people should expect and work towards.

Ferguson reminds the nation of the ongoing inequality between blacks and whites. CNN reports the controversy  is not just about Ferguson.


editor’s note: After reading and educating myself. I feel more informed, but more questions arise. Clearly, this problem is bigger than Ferguson.


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