EBN: #WeWillTalk #OneEureka

Editor’s note: Story has been updated with video.

A big, white cube with the letters “A” and “B” reflected onto a screen in front of a hushed crowd of students of all colors, Dec. 10.

Brianna Marsh (12) explained to the students gathered that the optical illusion represented different perspectives people can have and the ability to perceive different sides of an issue.

The viewer could perceive the “A” was on the front of the cube and the “B” was on the back. However, if the person looked long enough, they could see the reversed cube.

cubeimage courtesy of Mrs. Jennifer Strauser


The meeting addressed how citizens blur the perspective of those lines when color and emotion get involved.

Students arranged everything for the meeting in order to discuss their feelings on current issues, like the Ferguson and New York controversies.

Shannon Rogers (12) was one of the initiators of the meeting.

“Instead of trying to lash out with my emotions, I decided to gather up my feelings,” Rogers said. “Then, Brianna Marsh, Aileen Markovitz (12), Jalissa Bost (11) and I came up with the idea to positively affect Eureka. A lot of people felt a certain way about it but were afraid to express their feelings, so we figured this was the best way to get our feelings out.”

Students, of all races sat peacefully and calmly, discussing their thoughts and concerns as one.

“It was pretty amazing,” Mrs. Jennifer Strauser, associate principal, said. “It humbled me. Students who did not know each other were sitting down and talking about what is going on with the unrest and the issues that have bubbled up from the incidents. Students were able to talk honestly and openly as much as they could with each other.”

More information on the meeting and how to get involved will be released when further plans are made. At this time, there is a Google Drive in progress where you can purchase “We Will Talk” t-shirts, along with additional information.

In the future, students wish to continue these discussions as a weekly after-school meeting, according to Rogers.

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