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All things EHS all the time


All things EHS all the time


Mary Kay Gagnepain

Mary Kay Gagnepain, EHS- hub Editor- in- Chief

This is Mary Kay's second year on staff. You can follow her on twitter @mkgagEHS_hub. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, and collecting unique grass strands and making jewelry out of them. Inside of school she is also treasurer in etc. Mary Kay enjoys eating tacos. Her favorite artist is The Weekend. A fun fact about her is that she is terrified of frogs. Her favorite TV show is "Bob's Burgers" and "Orange is the New Black." After high school she plans on attending Mizzou and majoring in mass communication. If she was having a conversation with the world she would like to say to treat every day as if it was your last.

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EOC schedule

EOC schedule

April 13, 2016
Dr, Eric Knost, superintendent,  official statement, Feb. 10.

Breaking news

February 10, 2016
The American Heart Association fundraiser t-shirts, Feb. 4.

[Photo] Seeing red

February 4, 2016
The water pipe burst, Jan. 21.

More water…

January 21, 2016
Mole Day festivities heat up as Dr. Bill McIlwee, Science teacher and Madeline Petry, Honors Chemistry student, ignite the methane and soap bubbles on Chemistry student Grayson Henrys hands, Oct. 23.

All hands on deck

December 14, 2015

[Photo] EBN: Media magic

November 19, 2015
Rachel Cundy (11) gazing upon Im with Paris poster, Nov. 17.

Opening our doors

November 18, 2015
Some of the new emojis from Apple, Oct. 26.

Emoji madness

October 27, 2015
Project Semicolon is a non-profit organization that hopes to achieve lower suicide rates in the U.S. and around the world. A semicolon symbolizes a sentence that could have ended but didnt, similar to suicide prevention. Cameron Nisbet (12), supporting Project Semicolon, Oct. 19. It gets better, Nisbet said.

[Photo] Living in color

October 20, 2015
2016 Eurekana staff celebrates earning an All American, Sept. 16.

Holding high standards

October 15, 2015
The evacuated faculty and student body on the south side of the building, Sept. 10.

This is not a drill

September 10, 2015
While everyone else is enjoying their social time at lunch, students in detention will be sitting alone in silence.

Time apart

August 13, 2015
The empty EHS parking lot as students are out enjoying summer break, May 26.

Summer sign-off

May 26, 2015
Omar Uraziee (11)


December 20, 2014
Justin Schenzy (10), Jacob Wilkinson (11), Tim Nischbach (12), and Janna Schmid (12) rehearsing for Oklahoma!


November 4, 2014


July 28, 2014
Hanna Reinkemeyer directs Niki Tajik (Alicia Reynolds)  and Jonathan Burgart (Bill Reynolds) as they rehearse Amicable Parting, April 22.

Through their eyes

April 29, 2014
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