Through their eyes

etc…’s annual One Acts offer students opportunities, May 2-3


Mary Kay Gagnepain

Hanna Reinkemeyer directs Niki Tajik (Alicia Reynolds) and Jonathan Burgart (Bill Reynolds) as they rehearse “Amicable Parting,” April 22.

Groups of  two-five students mutter their lines and practice their blocking throughout the gallery outside the theaters as student directors shape the raw materials of their chosen one act performances.

One Acts, a series of short plays directed by seniors, are a tradition where students take charge of the production from start to finish. These six senior directors are in charge of picking the play, choosing the cast and making the decisions about their respective shows.

  • “Amicable Partings” directed by Hanna Reinkemeyer
  • “Bride and Gloom” directed by Mira Roberts
  • “Interviews with Loneliness” directed by Emily Newhouse
  • “Limbo” directed by Ashley Longrie
  • “My Friend Never Said Goodbye” directed by Jordin Burgess
  • “While the Auto Waits” directed by Olivia Krull

Through One Acts, students, especially directors can express themselves.

“It’s really cool to be able to read a script and have it actually come to life, while you make the decisions,” Burgess said.

Every director can add a part of themselves into their One Act.

“Each director has their own style of directing and put themselves in it to direct it,” Roberts said.

Roberts relies on her actors instincts to shape the performance while Reinkemeyer grounds her show in the script itself. Through their hard work, directors will bring their visions to life.

“It’s about what these characters are expressing,” Reinkemeyer said. “That’s what I get to play with. I get to find out what these characters are saying, what they want to say and what they feel.”

One Acts are a great time for seniors to show the skills they have learned throughout their time in etc…

“It’s kind of like their senior night!” Madison Hadler, who plays Pamela from Limbo, said.

Students are given freedom to make decisions based on their interest. Not only are seniors given an opportunity to explore new paths, but underclassmen are, as well.

“When I walk around after school, I see a lot of students who are rehearsing, and they are not the ones I have seen on stage before,” Mr. Jim Schulz, musical attendee, said.  “So, it really gives them an opportunity that maybe they wouldn’t get with their first acting experience, like the musical.”

No matter if they are an actor or a tech member, One Acts allow students to try new things without having all the pressure of a large production.

“What I always find is the best part is that it’s a chance for everyone to experience something new,” Emily Hoffmann, One Acts stage manager, said. “Many people who have never acted are acting, many people who have never done tech are doing tech and many people who haven’t had a leadership role yet get to experience a leadership role.”

Not only are One Acts a great chance for many students to get involved it’s also an opportunity for the audience.

“It’s really light-hearted and fun. It’s something simple that anybody can come watch; they can focus for five minutes or ten minutes and watch, laugh, they are always so funny,” Mrs. Teresa Yakel, former etc… member,  said.

One Act tickets will be on sale at all three lunch shifts for $6 and $8 at the door. The show will be held in the old theater, Friday and Saturday, May 2-3, at 7:00 p.m.