Fashion trends of 2020

The fashion of 2020 is, to say the least, very out there. Since quarantine people have started to do a lot of shopping online and showing their style over social media platforms.

Many popular influencers have changed the fashion world and are influencing others’ style through the process of showing people their clothing.

“My style inspiration, I would say is a lot of fashion accounts on VSCO, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Youtube,” Cali Kroenug (12), said. “I get inspiration for creators such as Sterling Monet, Emma Chamberlain and, of course, Harry Styles.”

From Pinterest boards to youtube, people have been sharing their fashion styles and influencing others to change their style and or embrace their style.

“I love Pinterest, so I’m there every day finding different style inspirations,” Quinn Briar (12), said. “I’m obsessed with Gigi Hadid, Sydney and Devon Carlson, Mia Regan, and Lily-Rose Depp and I have a ton of their posts saved to reference when I’m looking for clothes.”

According to Emily Sanchez, a celebrity stylist, in 2020 we have seen a variety and range of colors, patterns which will give trends a fresh new look. Other examples of fashion trends in 2020 are color denim, platform shoes, upcycled denim, and small handbags.

For example, some new fashion trends that are happening are shoes worn over pants, oversized victorian sleeves, chunky shoes with dresses, pastel bucket hats, and matching printed tops.

“I do love layering clothes and have recently been into sweater vests, turtlenecks, and fun jackets/cardigans,” Sydney Krey (12), said 

Fashion trends have changed a lot. It seems that fashion styles nowadays are based on aesthetics people want to perceive.

When it comes to the aesthetics of fashion, aesthetics are a particular appearance of a person, thing or idea relating to an art someone is expressing. People have different styles making them unique. Some aesthetic types are, for example, indie, skater girl/boy, e- girl/boy, soft girl/boy, grunge, industrial, retro and etc. Some don’t stick to an aesthetic at all. 

I really don’t have a name for it because it’s a combination of several different things,” Briar said. “I love y2k fashion but also current trends like bright colors, sage green and brown.”

But all of them have certain characteristics such as color schemes, balance, patterns and some might even say a way of life. It is a big trend to go thrifting instead of going to major brand shopping for the ‘aesthetic’.

“I thrift and shop online a lot, and then if I don’t end up wearing pieces, I sell them, so my closet is constantly rotating,” Briar said.

No matter how you feel about the recent trends or style, the best tool in fashion is confidence in what you’re wearing. 

“Advice I would give to people is to just stop caring about everyone else and just be yourself,” Kroenug said. “Confidence in yourself will make the simplest outfits look ten times better.”