Opening our doors

Rachel Cundy (11) gazing upon “I’m with Paris” poster, Nov. 17.

Gunmen and suicide bombers hit a concert hall, stadium, restaurants and bars, leaving at least 129 people dead and hundreds wounded in Paris, Nov. 13.

The attacks have been confirmed as an “act of war” from the Islamic State militant group.

Threats against Washington D.C. were made, Monday, Nov. 15.

Parisians immediately opened their doors to the fellow citizens fleeing in the streets, starting the “Porte Ouverte” movement.

Across the world, people are showing support for Parisian citizens.

Monuments around the world glow in blue, red and white as countries rally behind the colors of the French flag. From the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil to the CN Tower in Canada to the Washington Square Arch in New York citizens of the world offer solidarity.

People are even changing their profile pictures on Facebook with a filter of the French flag.

Students expressed their support with posters all over campus of the Eiffel Tower peace sign, an image that went viral within hours of the attacks, and by hanging a French flag in the Welcome Center.

A moment of silence was held Monday to honor the lives that were lost.

EHS tuned into the rhythm of the world, bridging the 4,400 mile gap between the Midwest and the City of Love.