Insight on Columbine

Frank DeAngelis, former Columbine principle, speaks


Mary Kay Gagnepain

The security gate by the gyms went up after the tragedy at Sandy Hook in 2012 as a precaution, to insure student and faculty safety. Such tragedies are not new to American schools. Mr. Frank DeAngelis, today’s speaker, was principal at Columbine when two students attacked the school and killed 13 people in 1999.

On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold executed a plan to attack their school: Columbine.

The principal at Columbine during the time of the tragedy, ​Mr. Frank DeAngelis, is coming to speak with the EHS students and faculty about the incident today, Sept. 15.

“I think it’ll really shed some light on people and what we need to do to prevent this again,” Frank Canida (12) said.

Mr. DeAngelis will be addressing the incident as well as ways to stay safe in a school setting.

“I think it’ll be good,” Ms. Laura Medrala, Language Arts teacher, said. “It’s history to you guys, but it was reality to us who saw it unfold on TV. So I think it’ll be an educational eye-opener to what does happen and what we at EHS are lucky enough to never have to see.”

Each grade will be released from class at a different hour to listen to Mr. DeAngelis’ presentation in the new theatre. 

  • 2nd hour:  freshmen
  • 3rd hour:  sophomores
  • 5th hour:  juniors
  • 6th hour:  seniors 

Faculty will hear Mr. DeAngelis speak after school from 3:15-4:15