Spirit Week recap: Hipster vs. prep

Brandon Kirn and Ellie Baker (10) dress up for hipster vs. prep day, Sept.

Spirit Week started today with hipster vs. prep day, Sept. 28.“ I like Spirit Week, because everyone looks ridiculous and no one cares that people look ridiculous. I enjoy being able to laugh with my friends about it,” Fletcher Besing (12), said. “Although this was a theme sophomore year, I liked dressing up because we have to get those senior points.”

The spirit standing is currently:

  1. Seniors: 35 points
  2. Juniors: 15 points
  3. Sophomores:  5 points
  4. Freshmen: 0 points

Today’s lunch-time activity consisted of Mulan trivia with the sophomores winning 1st lunch and seniors taking the win during 2nd and 3rd lunch.

The week’s themes:

  • Tuesday: Tourist Day/Tutu Day: Grab some binoculars and a visor or throw on a tutu and Natalie Timm shirt in honor of her passing one year ago.
  • Wednesday: Disney Day: Superheros, princess, and monsters oh my!
  • Thursday: Pajamas Day: Jump into a onesie and some slippers.
  • Friday: Spirit-wear Day: Wear all purple and gold and show some school pride.