A G.O.A.T. idea

The National Honor Society has a small, service-driven subgroup called OutReach that continuously strives to make the world a better place. They conducted a fundraiser at Culver’s, intending to raise money to purchase and send goats to villages in third world countries, March 31.

At this time, it is unknown what country the goat will be sent to, but they will assist a family who needs them most.

“This project gives the goat recipients not only a career, but something to fulfill their lives and something their community can grow with,” Brianna Marsh (12) said. “ It gives them a start.”

The inspiration for this service project came from Aileen Markovitz (12) and Sean Markovitz (11) when they found the website of Heifer International, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending world hunger and poverty, and they decided that NHS needed to help.

“I’m in charge of the NHS OutReach for world hunger, so this project was right up our alley,” Sean said. “We thought this would be a good opportunity for people to not only donate money but to see what they were donating to.”

This project is only the beginning for NHS members and their involvement with service.

“We’ve tried to expand our service and address things that will really inspire people,” Aileen said. “We’re hoping that in the next few years, the school will continue on with this idea and start doing more service to impact others.”

Although it was a challenge to get the project rolling, NHS raised the money in under two weeks; the fundraiser and other generous donations supported the purchase of not just one, but two goats.

A significant donation came straight from one of our own staff members, Mrs. Audrey Bell, hall monitor, giving enough to fund an entire goat.

“I wanted to come home and say to my husband, ‘Hey, Dave Bell, you bought a goat today,’” Mrs. Bell said. “I think it’s pretty interesting if you can lead a conversation at the dinner table with that.”

OutReach is focused on more than just hunger; they have multiple groups that each deal with other global challenges.

“OutReach is a program that we started this past school year,” Henry Dieckhaus (11) said. “We formed smaller groups within NHS that focus on particular regions or topics, such as world hunger, the environment and health and disabilities.

Even small acts of service have a great impact.

“We’re not just helping the school or the Eureka community,” Dr. Bill McIllwe,  NHS sponsor, said. “We can now say we are making a small effort all around the world.”