More water…

Ruptured water line cuts access on campus

The water pipe burst, Jan. 21.

Administration announced that students and faculty needed to refrain from using restrooms and drinking fountains during first hour, Jan. 21.

“At 9 a.m., we did not know whether it was an EHS water line or a city of Eureka water line, since both are running back there,” Mr. Brad Klages, assistant principal, said. “They had to shut the water off this morning so we had no water.”

In the rear of the building a water pipe burst, causing immediate action to be taken.

“They are working on it right now. They have been working to resolve the issue since it was discovered,” Mr. Klages said. “The first thing is that someone from public works is going to come in and they have to dig up the pavement and figure out where the leak even is and fix it from there.”

The issue seems to be under control now.

“It is resolved,” Dr. Jason Green, activities director, said. “I have been told that we are in the clear and the water has gone down.”

The leak was not enough to cancel classes for the day.

“It wasn’t enough to send us home,” Mrs. Audrey Bell, hall monitor, said. “It really got me on edge.”

Anna Roberts (12) felt unsettled about the leak.

“It was really inconvenient. I have certain periods that I go to the bathroom or go get a drink, so my schedule got really messed up. Plus, I drank a lot of water today [for some awful reason], and I really needed to use the restroom all day,” Roberts said.

The water leak, however, did not affect Jacob Wilkinson (12).

“It didn’t really affect me because I bring water from home, and I do not use the restroom at school,” Wilkinson said.

The administration announced the restrooms open and water restored during sixth hour.