Honoring heroes

Veterans Day assembly shines light on those who have served the country


Theresa Rogers

The sophomore class office organized the Veterans Day ceremonies, Nov.11. The assembly allowed students a time to honor their friends and family who either fought for or are fighting for our freedom. “Veterans risked their lives to protect our freedom,” Ally Novack (12) said. “So they deserve not only to be honored one day but every single day.”

Emily Grossnicklaus, writer

EHS is hosting their 12th annual Veterans Day Ceremony, Nov. 11.

“We have invited the community to come celebrate Veterans Day with us,” Mrs. Katie Melies, secretary to the sophomore class principal, said. “We want to honor the veterans and their service.”

The assembly will include performances by the String Chamber Ensemble, Treble Chamber Choir and the Symphonic Band, as well as keynote speaker Colonel Jack Jackson, USMC and student speakers like Blake Ruprecht (12) and Sydney Sager (11).

“It gives people a chance to meet people who serve our country in a society where they might not otherwise,” Mrs. Melies said.

Only select few students and students who are accompanied by a veteran are allowed at the Veterans Day Assembly; however, everyone will be involved during lunch.

“We are going to be in the cafeteria for all three lunch shifts,” Leanne Finck, clarinet for symphonic band, said. “We are going to play the different military songs for the veterans because they deserve recognition.”

The assembly will last from 10:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the small theater and a short ceremony during all lunch shifts.