Window of opportunity to glow

NightGlow: a school dance different than any other


Emily Grossnicklaus

Ashley Jaspers (10) sells Brianna Smith (12) a ticket to NightGlow, Feb. 18.

Emily Grossnicklaus, News writer

The right dress. The shoes. The hair style. The nails. The makeup. The date. The dinner. The pictures. Dressing up for formal dances can take hours upon hours of preparation. And for what? To sweat profusely in a $200 dress or a tux that dozens of others have worn, too.

For those who just want to dance with their friends in an informal environment, NightGlow is the event.

“NightGlow is fun for students to get involved in because it is a totally different type of school dance,” Ashley Jaspers, publicity chair, said. “It isn’t your typical school dance.”

EHS is hosting the third annual NightGlow dance this Friday, Feb. 27.

NightGlow is unlike Prom or Homecoming.

“NightGlow is more of a casual dance,” Ranna Safi, overall chair, said. “You don’t need dresses. Or a date for that matter.”

Tori Gagnepain, publicity chair, encourages students to attend and take part in the fun.

“I went last year, and it was fun,” Gagnepain said. “Everything was glowing and everyone was wearing neon. It’s kind of like a mixer.”

Follow NightGlow’s Twitter page to get updates on all things NightGlow and to request music.

NightGlow will be held in Gym A from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The tickets went on sale, Feb. 12 ,and can be purchased at lunch for $5 until the day of the event. They will not be selling tickets at the door.