Documenting the year

Hub provides students a unique way to contribute


The #EHShub tagboard contains content posted by members of the EHS community and is curated by The Hub.

  • #corndogsforlife
  • #geekingout
  • #betternot

Students use the hashtag as an emotional outlet, but hashtags were invented to sort and group.

The Hub encourages students and teachers to #EHShub in different social media to help build a tagboard (RSD currently blocks tagboard, so switch to your data plan) and capture the year.

Scrolling to the bottom of anyone’s Instagram profile, the viewer can travel back in time and see the past unfold: how friends changed and relive the moments that meant the most.

That is what the EHS-hub is hoping to do this year.

“It’s really hard to cover everything that every student does in this school, and we can’t cover everything that happens out of school,” Mary Kay Gagnepain, EHS-hub editor-in-chief, said. “We can’t report on everything, even though we try to, so students who #EHShub can cover with us. It’s everyone working for a bigger goal.”

Covering as much as possible is the big picture for the Hub.

“Anyone who goes to it can see the year unfold,” Mrs. Elisha Strecker, publications adviser, said. “Hashtagging can help build this coverage.”

The tagboard is a compilation of many events.

“It’s a timeline of events throughout the year,” Blake Smith, online community editor, said. “It shows how things progress: school events and what people are doing.”

If a person includes #EHShub in posts, s/he could be included in the Hub’s tagboard and could also be featured at the end of this year’s yearbook.

“The story of the year is being shaped by the people that are hashtagging and the events that they are documenting through social media,” Mrs. Strecker said.

Posting pictures from a trip to Florida on Spring Break and hashtagging EHS-hub helps show the life of students outside the school environment.

The tagboard is a unique way to cover content every day; as well as, important events.

“The point of the tagboard is to see what things are going on in high school throughout the year,” Smith said. “It shows student life.” 

The board has covered football games, dances and events that EHS has held or students have taken part in. The Hub encourages people to hashtag interesting stories and cool pictures that help show the school year.

Got a great video of  Selia Tockman, Thalia Dimitriou, Janna Schmid, Mary France, Sarah Cox, Haylee Capstick and Macy White performing at the Renaissance Assembly? Make it a permanent part of EHS history. Slap #EHShub on it.

“The tagboard lets you curate,” Mrs. Strecker said. “It lets you choose which of those social media hash-tag entries you are going to feature.”

The Hub chooses interesting posts that are hash-tagged and includes it in the tagboard.

Not only is The Hub using the tagboard to cover more material, but the Eurekana yearbook is adding a new layer of coverage in the book.

Whenever The Hub logo appears on a certain yearbook page students can scan page using the Aurasma app and be connected to coverage on the Internet.

That additional coverage could be a video or it could be an article that somebody wrote on The Hub or it could take students to the original posting of that blue/black (or was it white/gold?) dress. It is content that’s related to the page. 

“This adds another layer of content,” Emily Benton, Yearbook editor-in-chief, said. “It is more coverage. We can get more people in the yearbook because one of our goals is to get as many people in the yearbook as we possibly can.”

Each week, The Hub will choose a student or teacher who has provided content to The Hub tagboard who will receive free popcorn. Use #EHShub and help tell the story of the school year.