Fresh faces: Lydia Sepe (10)

Fresh faces are all around. The Hub will be interviewing the people that wander the halls every day, so we can put a personality to the stranger


Emily Grossnicklaus

Meet Lydia Sepe (10)

“I am on the swim team at EHS. I’ve swam since seventh grade.

I like swimming and playing hockey.

I do an intramural hockey team right now so it’s not like an official team.

It’s kind of like a practice every Sunday where we do like scrimmaging and skating and stuff. It’s an all girls team. I’ve been skating kind of like my whole life.

My dad played hockey when he was younger, and I grew up around it. I kind of started doing it and I learned how to skate when I was really little. I’ve never played for Eureka.

They let girls play but you wouldn’t get as much ice time unless you were a guy because it’s a male dominant sport.”