Fresh faces: Josh Stolz (9)

Fresh faces are all around. The Hub will be interviewing the people that wander the halls every day, so we can put a personality to the stranger


Meet fresh face, Josh Stolz (9).

“I went to Holy Infant for grade school, kindergarten through eighth grade. It was a different experience from public school. Coming to Eureka, I got to experience a totally different point of view.

Eureka is a very friendly environment, with a huge amount of school spirit.

I am playing Lacrosse now and in the fall I’m going to play soccer. This past season I was the goalie for the freshmen team.

I like to play lacrosse because you are moving a lot so there is a lot of action going on. I like that you are hitting people and that you always have to be aggressive.

My favorite part is that I get to continue to meet new guys and make new memories.”