Renaissance Carnival schedule

The anticipated Renaissance Carnival is almost here. All students will be able to attend at the end of the day, April 29.

The ABC schedule was modified for this week. Monday through Wednesday followed the normal ABC schedule, however Thursday is an A day and Friday is a modified A day.

On Friday, the modified schedule will go as follows:

  • 1st Hour: 8:16-8:44
  • 2nd Hour: 8:50-9:18
  • 3rd Hour: 9:24-9:52
  • 5th Hour: 9:58-10:26
  • 6th Hour: 10:32-11:00
  • 4th Hour: 11:06-12:26
  • Lunch A: 11:00-11:30
  • Lunch B: 11:30-12:00
  • Lunch C: 12:00-12:30
  • 7th Hour: 12:30-12:58

After 7th hour, students will be divided by grade to go to their first assigned station. Each grade will start at the following stations:

    • Freshman: Band practice field
    • Sophomores: Practice football/baseball fields
    • Juniors: Gyms/courtyard
    • Seniors: Practice field hockey field

Here are the details for each station:

Band Practice Field

Capture the flag

Recreational activities (hula hoops, nerf balls)

Practice Fields

Baseball/Softball Practice Field: Kickball

Practice Football Field: Large inflatables


Gym A: Musical acts

Gym A Atrium: DIY photo booth

Gym B: Volleyball

Gym B Atrium: Hand out awards

Courtyard: Hula hoops, face painting, popcorn, etc.

Field Hockey Practice Field

Smaller inflatables (jousting, bungee run)

Carnival games

Tug of war

Dunking booth

Recreational activities (hula hoops, nerf balls)

Cotton candy

Each station will last 25 minutes. From there, students will be informed of where their next station will be. Rotations will last until students can be dismissed from school.

  • Station #1: 1:05-1:30
  • Station #2: 1:35-2:00
  • Station #3: 2:05-2:30
  • Station #4: 2:35-3:00
  • End: 3:05 PM

In the event of rain, the carnival will no longer have rotations based on grade. The carnival will be based in the gym facilities and the commons, where all students will be together.

  • Gym A: Large inflatables
  • Gym A Atrium: DIY Photo Booth
  • Gym B: Volleyball
  • Gym B Atrium: Hula hoops, face painting, medals
  • Commons: Carnival games and DJ
  • TBA: Musical acts
  • Atrium by Commons: Snacks and movie