#notmypresident trended this week on Twitter.


Know: St. Louisans protested the election of Donald Trump for president, Nov. 13.

Inform: Protestors participated in a sit-in at Union Station with signs that said “Not My President”. Protesters carried hundreds of signs downtown while chanting “Not My President.” From immigration to healthcare reform to equitable treatment, citizens are gathering to voice their concerns about a Trump presidency.

Care: EHS elected Donald Trump for president in a mock election, Nov. 7. West St. Louis County is a politically conservative area, but St. Louis County as a whole voted for Secretary Hillary Clinton, 55.8 percent to the 39.5 percent for President-elect Trump. The protests reflect the division facing the country.


Know: Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver, announced he is ending his protest of the election of Donald Trump and will no longer kneel for the National Anthem, Nov. 15.

Inform: In a change of heart,  Evans issued a formal apology to the families of military members and to his team members. Evans originally sat during the national anthem at the game against the Chicago Bears, Nov. 13, to show his anger over President-elect Trump’s attitude toward minorities. Announcing his plan to find more ways to express his opinion, Evans said he will return to standing when his team plays the Kansas City Chiefs, Nov. 20.

Care: EHS students have the opportunity to say the pledge or not each day. While students may not see opting out of the pledge as a protest, the act is certainly under scrutiny on a national level. This controversy is current and speaks to issues at the heart of American society: equality, freedom of speech and patriotism


Know: A 7.8 on the richter scale earthquake hit the Island causing a minor tsunami and leave many stranded in New Zealand, Nov. 14.

Inform: The earthquake left shops in ruins and stranded cows on a patch of grass in the middle of what used to be their pasture. Although only two people have died more than 1,000 are stranded with nowhere to go. In some areas of the quake the roads were unusable.

Care: St. Louisans live on a major fault line. Major earthquakes could strike at any moment even though it hasn’t happened since 1812. Eurekans would benefit from a preparedness plan, as the community continues to recover from last year’s flooding.