Student Health and Wellness Day schedule

9:46-9:50ish a.m.: Students report to 1st hour for attendance.

  • backpacks, etc. stay in classrooms.
  • Classes will be dismissed to Gym A by intercom.

9:50-11:25ish a.m.: The Awakening Project

11:25-11:40 a.m.: Students return to 1st hour to pick up belongings.

  • Classes will be dismissed to fourth hour by regular late-start bell.
  • Teachers pass out breakout slips to the students in their fourth hour classes.

11:46 a.m-1:06 p.m.: Fourth hour classes and lunch as normal.

  • Students must turn in the slip when entering their sessions.
  • Teachers give any students without a slip a late sign-up sheet; the students fill it out.

1:11-2:25 p.m.: Breakout sessions

2:31-3:05 p.m.: Students attend their seventh hour classes for reflection activity.