Curriculum night, math classes and a poetry slam

Jan.5 to Jan.11

Kaitlyn Schormann (11) participates in an activity in Fashion 3 class inspired by the Rachel’s Challenge assembly, Jan. 5, writing a letter to herself to read in five years. “The letter I wrote was about how I am changing and want to spread kindness throughout my whole life,” Shormann said. “It is just a reminder that I should live my whole life spreading joy. College is going to be hard because I want to go into the fashion industry and will have to make a lot of hard decisions. The letter is reminding me that kindness is a chain reaction. In five years, I might be jobless and in student debt in a horrible mindset, and this letter will show me how the world is full of opportunities. I just need to go through life with an open mind and the intent to spread happiness.”