Mr. EHS pageant, Golden Line senior night and a varsity hockey win

Jan.19 to Jan.25

Five contestants eliminated, Tyler Conley, Mr. Golf, runs to congratulate Micah Sandhu, Mr. StuCo, on Sandu’s Mr. EHS victory, Jan. 25. Conley was voted Mr. Congeniality and Jack Sauter, Mr. Catpound, took home the sash of Fan Favorite. “I was excited,” Sandhu said. “I had this feeling that I might win. I wasn’t 100 percent sure but just a feeling. I will never forget that moment. I wasn’t nervous at the show. I was actually more nervous at the dress rehearsal. I had never performed solo before, but after the rehearsal those nerves went away. My favorite act I did was was definitely karaoke. Tyler [Conley] is my best friend and we got paired together randomly. We were comfortable together and performed this well. It was fun to do.”