Golden Line state, Teacher of the Year and etc…’s “Deathtrap”

Feb. 23 to March 2

Last competition of the year, Jacqueline Osias, Jensen Bee, Sarah Emery, and Jordan Bee perform with the rest of Golden Line during the state competition at the Family Arena in St. Charles, Feb. 24. “It was incredible,” Jensen Bee said. “The competition was so hard because Class 6 is so competitive. We went into the weekend having absolutely no idea how we would do, at least that is how it was for me. We performed better than I could have imagined and everything hit, so we knew even if we didn’t place as well as we hoped, we were happy with our performances. That’s what counted. Second was just the cherry on top for an already-amazing year with such a dedicated team, and I’m overjoyed by the outcome.” The Golden Line placed first for Pom, third for Lyrical and second overall. Elle Baker placed second for senior soloist, Monica Zesch placed first in sophmore soloist and Katie Musgraves placed fourth in sophomore soloist.