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Lily Dean

Lily Dean , Eurekana yearbook production editor

This is Dean's fourth year on staff where she serves as the production editor for Eurekana. Word that describes her: Distinctive.  Conversation she wants to have with the world: "Can we please take a break? I'm really tired." Her hobbies include photography, making to-do lists and designing spreads for the Yearbook. Dean's dream job: "I would like a job that allows me to create art (painting, drawing, design, photography, writing, filming, etc) and inspire people." Twitter: @ldeanEHS_hub

All content by Lily Dean
Alex DiPalma (12) and Dameion Thompson (11) help elementary school students to learn American Sign Language at Eureka Elementary, Oct. 17.

[Photo] ASL

April 18, 2018
All about the green, sings chorus (Rebecca Whitaker (12), Chloe Wind (12), Shilee Hesman (11) and Alexander Vance (11) and Glen (Will Crane, 12) during the performance of The Wedding Singer, Nov. 7.

[Photo] Will Crane

February 13, 2018
Hayley Krey (12) performs during rehersal for The Wedding Singer, Nov. 7.

[Photo] Hayley Krey

February 13, 2018
10_6 LD pep assembly22 HUB

[Photo] Band

November 1, 2017
10_6 LD Catpound v Lindbergh HUB

[Photo] All set

October 13, 2017
Mole Day festivities heat up as Dr. Bill McIlwee, Science teacher and Madeline Petry, Honors Chemistry student, ignite the methane and soap bubbles on Chemistry student Grayson Henrys hands, Oct. 23.

[Photo] All hands on deck

December 14, 2015
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