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Haden Moore

Haden Moore, EHS-hub staff and Eurekana yearbook staff

This is Haden’s fourth semester on Yearbook Production staff and his first semester on the EHS hub staff. Haden’s job is to take photos and help design spreads for the yearbook.

You can follow him on twitter @hmooreEHS_hub. His hobbies include playing paintball and taking photos.

A fun fact about him is that he loves taking photos. A question he wants to ask the world is, “Why are people so hard on other people?” Haden’s dream job is to be a photojournalist.

All content by Haden Moore
History in the making, Kurtis Winegardner (11) does a series of 550 LB squats to eventually become one of the now six kids to make the 1200 LB club in EHS’s history during the football teams “Night of Champions” where everyone runs drills and lifts weights, May 17. “I didn’t feel anything because I couldn’t feel my body. I was in a lot of pain probably, I don’t remember it that well,” Winegardner said. “It felt great to have my teammates cheering me on because I knew they had my back. In the end I was proud of myself.”

Photos of the Week: May 15-19

Haden Moore, photo editor
May 19, 2017
Nailing the strike zone, Lucas Kunkel, pitcher, pitches a fastball during the varsity baseball game against Rockwood Summit at Parkway Central, May 6. “We came out and played well for the first five innings but we fell apart towards the end. It was an overall win though,” Kunkel said. “They were the hardest team we’ve played this year and we competed with them the entire game.” The Wildcats lost, 2-5.

Photos of the Week: May 8-12

Haden Moore, photo editor
May 12, 2017
All eyes on him, Jacob Tipton, setter, sets the ball up for William Boulay, outside hitter, during the varsity volleyball game against Lafayette, April 20. “It was a big game since Lafayette is ranked number one in state,” Tipton said. “Even though we lost the game, it was still an uplifting one because we were on the heels of the best team in the state.” The Wildcats lost, 2-0.

Photos of the week: April 24-28

Haden Moore, photo editor
April 28, 2017
Darting down field, Mary Katheryn Deister, center midfield, helps moves the ball into the offensive zone during the JV soccer game against Northwest, April 13. “We were all trying to win hard, and we all were doing well,” Deister said. “We were all playing well together, which helped us win in the end.” The Wildcats won, 4-0.

Photos of the week: April 17-21

Haden Moore, photo editor
April 21, 2017
Nailing the strike zone, Kyle Miller, JV pitcher, throws a curveball during the JV Baseball game against Seckman, April 11. “I feel like I had a really good game,” Miller said. “I was throwing well. The infield was supporting me and everyone had confidence in me because they had seen me do it before.” The Wildcats won, 10-0.

Photos of the week: April 10-13

Haden Moore, photo editor
April 14, 2017
Lonesha Phillips and Michael Molengraft (12), 2017 prom king and queen, share the first dance of the night, April 4. “It was overwhelming; I wasn’t expecting it. It was like I was on an emotional high. I was ecstatic,” Phillips said. “I actually cried when I won because I was excited and proud that people actually voted for me out of thousands of girls.”

Photos of the week: April 3-7

Haden Moore, photo editor
April 7, 2017
Trevor Fischer (11) interacts with a Mars Rover replica, built by students from Missouri University of Science and Technology, March 27. The S&T students gave Fischer some parts and asked him where he thought the part should go. He experimented. I wasn’t even kind-of right, Fischer said. But something like this shows that we are taking big steps forward.

[Photo] Within reach

March 31, 2017
Michael Molengraft, guard, pushes to the net during the boys varsity basketball game against Fox, Feb. 17. “It felt good to get the win on senior night,” Molengraft said. The Wildcats won, 71-44.

Photos of the week: Feb. 21-24

Haden Moore, photo editor
March 22, 2017

Photos of the week: Feb. 13-17

Haden Moore, photo editor
March 22, 2017
Adding to the potential comeback, Jack Borror (11) rushes down the field to help his team score during the rugby game against CBC, March 5. “It was a rough loss, but we had a lot of new people, so we were just getting used to the game. It was just a learning experience for everyone,” Borror said. “The first game of the season we weren’t really in the mindset of tackling. You get your first hit and you realize how intense the game is really going.” Eureka Rugby Club lost, 14-15.

Photos of the week: March 6-9

Haden Moore, photo editor
March 9, 2017
With a strategy Haley Ozmat (12) plays Magic The Gathering during the magic club meeting, Feb. 2. “The game involved a lot of strategy but not to much,” Ozmat said. “I really enjoy it because I really enjoy strategy.”

Photos of the week: Feb. 6-10

Haden Moore, photo editor
February 10, 2017
Victory in reach, Alec Hagan (12) pins his opponent during the varsity wrestling match against Fox, Jan. 19. “It felt good. It always feels good to win,” Hagan said. “It feels good because all your hard work pays off.”

Photos of the week Jan. 23-27

Haden Moore, photo editor
January 27, 2017
Adding to the comeback, Luke Horn, forward, rushes into the Wildcats offensive zone to score a goal during the varsity Hockey game against Queeny, Jan. 17. “It was a pretty crazy game,” Horn said. “Max scored four goals which is pretty big for him.” The Wildcats won, 7-4.

Photos of the week: Jan. 9-20

Haden Moore, photo editor
January 25, 2017
Keeping it competitive, Annika Herbert, guard, looks to start a rally in the varsity basketball game against Parkway North, Dec. 9. “I’ve been playing basketball for a long time and I was really happy that I made varsity,” Herbert said. “It’s really cool that I made varsity because not a lot of freshmen get to play varsity.” The Wildcats lost, 32-59.

Photos of the week: Dec. 12-Dec. 16

Haden Moore, photo editor
December 16, 2016
In the spotlight, Angela Busby (12) performs at the Onstage! dress rehearsal for their dinner show, Dec. 1. “We are a really close group of people,” Busby said. “We work really hard to accomplish what we do in the amount of time we are given.”

Photos of the week: Dec. 5-Dec. 9

Haden Moore, photo editor
December 9, 2016
Moved by the song, Molly Kerr (11) sings a “Winters Bone” in Mr. Charlie Kinnison sixth hour Concert Chorale class, Nov. 15. “I really enjoy the class,” Kerr said. “Mr. Kinnison is a really good teacher. He makes the class really fun by making jokes but also teaches us a lot while doing it.”

Photos of the week: Nov. 14-Nov. 18

Haden Moore, photo editor
November 18, 2016
In his favorite part of Foods and Nutrition, Ethan Larson (9) taste tests cheese for the dairy unit in Mrs. Debbie Powell’s Foods and Nutrition 2 fifth hour class, Nov. 3. “We have to learn about a lot of stuff about foods. I wish we could cook more,” Larson said. “Instead of learning about foods, we should actually cook more.”

Photos of the week Nov. 7-Nov. 11

Haden Moore, photo editor
November 11, 2016
Pushing down the field, Nicholas James, center mid, maneuvers around a defender during the district boys varsity soccer game against Mehlville, Nov. 1. “Getting the win was just amazing. It’s the perfect ending to my senior career,” James said. “These could be some of the last soccer games I play in my entire life, so it was just a perfect ending to a great career.” The Wildcats won, 2-1.

Photos of the week: Nov. 1-4

Haden Moore, photo editor
November 4, 2016
Mary Jones (11) lights her hands on fire during Mole Day in Mr. Andy Ribbing’s first hour class, Oct. 20. “It was really cool,” Jones said. “I did it last year too, though, so it wasn’t anything new. I’m in AP Chemistry, so I love it.”

Photos of the week: Oct. 24-28

Haden Moore, photo editor
October 28, 2016
Actively listening, Hannah Uffman (11) participates in an activity with her Teen Health Consultant peers during a meeting, Oct. 18. THC aims to help students make healthy choices. For this activity, students had to turn in the direction indicated by the speaker who was telling a story. “I feel very strongly about what the club is trying to do: influence kids in our school district to make good decisions,” Uffman said.

Photos of the week: Oct. 17-21

Haden Moore, photo editor
October 21, 2016
Looking to finish with a top spot, Zachary Stubblefield (11) runs the course during the varsity cross country meet at McNair Park, Oct. 8. “It was a very flat course, unlike most of the other courses,” Stubblefield said. “It felt pretty good actually.” Stubblefield placed 32 out of 200.

Photos of the week Oct. 10-14

Haden Moore, Photo Editor
October 14, 2016
Joseph Kruessel (11) surfs the crowd at the Homecoming Dance in Gym A, Oct. 1. “It is one of the only times that you get to see everybody, have fun and actually surf on people, which I had never done before, that was hilarious,” Kruessel said. “I was stoked to go to the dance and have fun with my friends.”

Photos of the week: Oct. 3-7

Haden Moore, photo editor
October 7, 2016
Photos of the week: Sept. 23-30

Photos of the week: Sept. 23-30

Haden Moore, photo editor
September 30, 2016
Alexandra Sigmund, JV right field, takes an at bat during the game  against Lindbergh for a base hit, Sept. 20. “We’re supposed to not watch where the ball goes and just run the bases, but I tend to watch where it goes,” Sigmund said. “It’s kind of nerve-wracking when you are up there, but it’s really exciting.” The Wildcats won, 15-0.

Photos of the week: Sept. 19-23

Haden Moore, photo editor
September 23, 2016
Mr. Charles Crouther, head principal, points to the camera while inside his office, Aug. 19. Mr. Crouther spoke at the class meetings that took place, Aug. 17. One of the topics he mentioned was the fact that the writing skills of EHS students are not where they should be. All classes will now have an emphasis on writing.

[Photo] Class acts

August 19, 2016
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