Class acts


Haden Moore

Mr. Charles Crouther, head principal, points to the camera while inside his office, Aug. 19. Mr. Crouther spoke at the class meetings that took place, Aug. 17. One of the topics he mentioned was the fact that the writing skills of EHS students are not where they should be. All classes will now have an emphasis on writing.

Classes met with administration on the second day of school to outline important policies and practices and highlight information, Aug. 17.

Freshman meeting

Guidance counselors are assigned by last name.

  • A-Da: Mrs. Molly Smith
  • De-Holl: Mrs. Debbie Grimshaw
  • Holt-Me: Mr. John Wunderlich
  • Mi-Scho: Mrs. Kristy Raymond
  • Schr-Z: Mrs. Sandy Kearney

Also in the guidance office:

  • gifted program: Ms. Jessica Williams
  • social worker: Ms. naomi warren
  • college and career counselor: Mr. Jeff Buckman
  • EHS is home to a variety of clubs. These clubs will have tables in the commons for the activity showcase if you are interested in joining one, Aug. 31.
  • Aspiring athletes must pass six classes in the school semester before a desired sport in order to be eligible to play.
  • For athletes to participate in a game, they must have been present at school the day of the game unless they left for a doctor’s appointment or the absence was approved by Mr. Gregg Cleveland, activity director.
  • At all athletic events, students must wear shirts and leave their face uncovered. Face paint is allowed. These rules apply to home and away events.
  • The bad choices made in high school will appear on a college application.

Sophomore meeting

  • No students can walk around in the hallways before 8:10 a.m. Students should congregate in the Commons. Students must be supervised by an adult before that time.
  • Keep the courtyard clean. Courtyard privileges can be revoked.
  • Students cannot wear clothing with any inappropriate logos, graphics or words on it.
  • If a student driver wants a guaranteed daily parking spot, they must pay $5 for the spot at the Junior/Senior Office before 12:30 p.m. the day before using the parking spot.
  • No harassment of other students will be tolerated.
  • Writing skills are not where they should be. School-wide curriculum will now have more of a writing focus, so all classes will have some sort of writing added to the lessons.
  • The school administration is cracking down on trash pickup, especially at lunch. Administration has a chart that can show what lunch tables are filled with trash. Those who are caught leaving their trash at a lunch table will receive five lunch detentions.

Junior meeting

  • Ms. Jo Anne Waller and Ms. Miya Merkel announced that juniors have an opportunity to participate in a one-day career shadowing program. Students can pick two careers that they are interested in shadowing and are then paired with someone in one of those fields to shadow for a day. Hours spent shadowing count toward A+ hours. After the meeting, students interested in the program obtained applications for this program. Applications are due to the main office, Thursday, Sept. 15.
  • Lunch detentions are now in room 105 in the FACS hallway. Students must arrive on time with their student IDs or receive another lunch detention.
  • The administration will be paying attention to dress code. Emphasis will be on making sure no excessive skin is shown out of respect for others and also on making sure no headgear is on in the building. Tank tops must cover most of the shoulders.
  • A major point made at the meeting was about cellphone usage. Cellphones can be used before and after school, at lunch and during passing periods, but not in class without express teacher permission. Leave phones in backpacks during class and do not take them to the restroom. Detentions can and will be given out if phones out in class without permission. Cellphones are believed to be a major distraction to the learning environment.
  • If someone takes your parking spot, park in a visitor spot and tell the Junior/Senior Office immediately. Make sure you know your spot number and license plate info, so the secretaries know the spot is yours.

Senior meeting

  • Students met Mr. Brett Grittini, new student resource officer.
  • See Mrs. Sheree Klumb if you are interested in going to New Orleans for Spring Break.
  • Seniors that have parking spots are allowed to paint them as long as they bring $20. See Renaissance if you are interested.