Up Close and personal: Marshall Clayton

Meet Marshall Clayton, recent EHS graduate


Alone with his computer, Marshall Clayton (12) enters the space he enjoys the most.

Marshall Clayton (12) graduated at the end of first semester.  He had enough credits to graduate early and he knows exactly what he wants to do after high school except what his job will be.  

He doesn’t plan on going to college, but he does plan on going to school.  Clayton will be attending a school called 42

“It’s basically a fishing pool for talent in Silicon Valley,” Clayton said. “The tuition and housing are free, but you don’t get a degree.  But you end up doing a lot of internships and a lot of companies hire out of the school.”  

Free tuition means he could potentially get a good job in the field he’s interested in with no debt, right out of school. 

Ever since he was about 10 years old, Clayton has been intrigued by how technology works.  

“I remember seeing this batch program. It was some game and I started to think, ‘How does this work?’” Clayton said. “Then I opened it up in Notepad instead of actually running it and I could see the actual script itself. This whole world opened up to me.”  

He enjoys working with artificial intelligence and claims that the field has been around since the mid 1950s and has been rapidly changing ever since.  

There’s no telling what his job will be, what the field will look like in two years or if his potential occupation even exists, but Marshall Clayton will continue to work and learn.