Prom, learning new culture and an intro to the future

April 13 to 19

King and queen crowned, (Front row) Rohan Rai, Prom king, and Jessica Nuckolls (12), Prom queen. (Back row) Shilee Hessman, Mitchell Gabel (11), Katie Meyerkord, William Boulay, Madelyn Hibbard, Jerod Turner (12), Anna Grimshaw, and Jonah DeBeir (11) pose for a photo at Prom, April 6th. “It was so cool,” Rai said. “It is a great feeling to know that people thought so highly of you that they would vote you to be king. I didn’t expect it. I thought I had a small chance, probably 33 percent. It was a bit of a shock. On the actually Prom, I had a fever and felt sick. I didn’t get to stay long, but I still had fun.”