Audrey Nettles
This is Nettles third semester on staff where she serves as a regular staffer. Word that describes her: scrambled. Conversation she wants to have with the world: "I would like to tell the world that the people on earth to day will never change. Respect each other and treat them how you would want to be treated. One day will come where one of the people you disrespect will save your life." Nettles enjoys hanging out with friends and going on drives with the windows down because she likes the way her hair flows through the wind. She participates in Field Hockey, Lacrosse, HOSA, FCA, and works at the Legends country club. Her dream job: "One day I would love to work in a hospital as either and Occupational Therapist or a Speech Pathologist or maybe even both. I would want to work in the children’s hospital to help kids become more independent. I want children to know that things are hard but if they work even harder they can achieve great things." Twitter: @nettlesEHS_hub

Audrey Nettles, Eurekana yearbook staff

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Audrey Nettles