Don’t lose that data

Seniors must export all Google Drive material by June 30

After graduation, senior students will be losing access to their Google Drive accounts.

The cutoff date, June 30, will be the last day senior students have access to their Drive and Gmail accounts.

Not to worry, Google Takeout transfers all Drive information to a personal Gmail account with space up to 15 GB.

All it takes to transfer your information is a simple visit to Google Takeout where the steps are as followed:

  • Select the Google applications with your saved data that need to be archived (Google Drive, Mail, Contacts, etc.)
  • Select the file type, archive size and delivery method that best suits
  • Voila!

There will only be a one week period in which the data can be downloaded after the Takeout form is completed.

For any further questions, contact Rockwood Instructional Technology Specialist Brian Reed at [email protected].