2018 First semester final exams schedule


Each final will be two hours in length. Students will have 10 minute passing periods in between finals. This year’s finals schedule is as follows: 

Monday: Full day, 8:28-3:17

Tuesday: Full day, 8:28-3:17

  • 1st hour final, 8:28-10:28
  • 2nd hour, 10:34-11:09
  • 4th hour, 11:15-12:33
  • 3rd hour, 12:39-1:14
  • 5th hour, 1:20-1:55
  • 6th hour, 2:01-2:36
  • 7th hour, 2:42-3:17

Wednesday: Half day, 8:28-12:38

  • 2nd hour final, 8:28-10:28
  • 3rd hour final, 10:38-12:38

Thursday: Half day, 8:28-12:38

  • 4th hour final, 8:28-10:28
  • 5th hour final, 10:38-12:38

Friday: Half day, 8:28-12:38

  • 6th hour final, 8:28-10:28
  • 7th hour final, 10:38-12:38

All students except for freshmen can exempt one final in any class they have an “A” in as long as the teacher approves. First semester AP classes cannot be exempted. After checking with teachers for eligibility, fill out the exemption form that is due at 11:55 p.m., Dec. 16.

The library will be open on a regular schedule Monday, Dec. 17 and Tuesday, Dec. 18. It will then be closed during all final exams, but remain open each day before school. The library will also be closed after school on the half-days.