Parking 2016-17

From last school year to this school year, junior and senior class sizes got bigger. Last school year, there were 462 juniors and 464 seniors. This school year, there are 488 juniors and 467 seniors.

More upperclassmen have to share the EHS parking spots than last year.

In addition, the school is short 60 parking spots due to construction, and the number of daily parking spots shrunk from 37 last year to 16 this year.

Just like last year, student drivers wishing to use the daily parking spots can guarantee a spot by reserving a day in advance. Drivers can go reserve a spot by writing down their information at the Junior/Senior office.

Student drivers cannot use visitor parking spots, meaning if they do not have their own parking spot, or were unable to obtain a daily parking spot, they must find another way to get to school.