Spirit Week Day 2 | Ending the tie


Cups stacked, Zoe Gustafson (11) and Nate Koenig (12) participate in lunchtime activities to earn points for the Junior class during Spirit Week, Oct. 3.


There are two more days to buy Homecoming tickets at the price of $15 per person. Tickets will rise to $20 on Thursday, Oct. 5. Ticket sales close at 12:15 p.m. each day. Filled out guest permission forms for dates not from EHS are due Wednesday, Oct. 4. 

Students can skip the fine line by checking in at grade level offices or the library to get a fast pass. 

Dress up

1st: Seniors with 78% participation 

2nd: Freshmen with 66% participation 

3rd: Sophomores with 65% participation 

4th: Juniors with 58% participation 

Overall: 67% school participation 

Lunchtime activities

1st: Juniors 

2nd: Seniors

3rd: Juniors 

Overall standings

1st: Seniors with 55 points 

2nd: Freshmen with 30 points 

3rd: Juniors with 20 points 

4th: Sophomores with 15 points