All things EHS all the time


All things EHS all the time


All things EHS all the time


Rising flood waters, close the EHS and later the district, May 1. AP testing will resume, May 5, at the Annex regardless of the flooding at the high school.

Flood Watch 2019

Audrey Brown, reporter April 23, 2019

Even the slightest mention of the word “flood” brings back vivid memories for Eureka residents. During record-breaking floods of December 2015 and May 2017, hundreds of members of the community...

Old Towne Eureka on its second day of flooding, May 2.

Reading the signs

Kate Laubacker, reporter September 26, 2017

TWO 100-YEAR FLOODS IN 17 MONTHS No school for five days. People trapped in their neighborhoods. Volunteers storming downtown. The second historic flood, April 30-May 4, hit way closer to home that the...

The baseball fields at EHS lay exposed once again after the flood of 2017, May 12.

Sink or swim

Lauren Glascock, news reporter May 27, 2017

Walking into the A.D.'s office, the smell of Febreeze hangs over a moldy aroma overtaking the room, May 8. The carpetless floors are now just a slab of concrete next to walls of foundation bases that are...

Gym As wood flooring has been removed due to water damage from the recent flooding, May 11.

Making a comeback

Kate Laubacker, editor-in-chief May 11, 2017

Recovery efforts after another historic flood and flooding of the gym buildings continue less than a week after campus reopens. Catco, the fire restoration, water damage repair, and mold removal...

EBN: Rising tides

Nick Weaver May 4, 2017

The flood of 2017 is quickly becoming the largest natural disaster to occur in Eureka within recent memory, eclipsing the flood that occurred in 2015. With such a large incident taking place so suddenly,...



Madison Eble, reporter May 4, 2017

Local Know: April 29 set records with 3.15 inches of rain contributing to 10.27 inches of rain  in nine days and causing flooding all over St. Louis. Inform: Flooding not only shut down EHS for...


May 2, 2017

Volunteers prepare for the potential flooding of the school by stacking sandbags, April 30.

AP testing schedule options

May 2, 2017

This text is from an email sent by Austin Kirby, A+/testing coordinator, May 1. Dear AP Students, Parents, and Staff: With the recent and impending flood, EHS Administration, the EHS Building Testing...

Bracing for the water

Bracing for the water

Taylor Werges, JWR April 29, 2017

"The City of Eureka is preparing for a large amount of rainfall during the next few days. The Police Department and Fire Department are increasing manpower to ensure everyone's safety. As a result of this...

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