Bracing for the water

A message from the Eureka Police

“The City of Eureka is preparing for a large amount of rainfall during the next few days. The Police Department and Fire Department are increasing manpower to ensure everyone’s safety. As a result of this massive amount of rain we are expecting to see moderate to severe flooding effecting our EHS Family. The Meramec River is expected to crest at 41.6 feet on Wednesday. If we look at the most recent flood that occurred on 12/29/15 we discover that Highway 109 was closed in front of EHS at 41.65 feet. Historically the baseball and softball fields are normally effected anytime the flood stage breaches the 23.5 foot mark. As you can see we need to keep an eye on the sky during the next few days. Please remember do not drive through water and be safe.”

–Mike Werges

Sergeant of the Eureka Police Department