Know: Currently, 180 RSD students are homeless. Got Your Backpack is a RSD organization that provides backpacks filled with food to homeless RSD students on Friday afternoons. The Got Your Backpack food pantry is located at Fairway Elementary and distributed from that location.

Inform: With the $6,300 raised from Mr. EHS, StuCo is setting aside $1,000 to go towards setting up a Got Your Backpack food pantry here at Eureka. The money will go towards building infrastructure such as shelving, and the remaining money will go directly to the Got Your Backpack organization and purchasing food for homeless RSD students.

Care: The $5,300 donated by StuCo is the Got Your Backpack’s largest donation ever. At $8-10 per backpack of food, this donation will provide food for up to 660 homeless students for a weekend or will provide funding for the entire organization for three weekends. The creation of a food pantry here at EHS for Got Your Backpack will make distribution to other parts of the district easier and more efficient.


Know: Mr. Brian Williams, before this incident, was an anchor and managing editor of NBC News, Feb. 4. In 2003, Mr. Williams was covering the war in Iraq while on the site, and, in 2003, reported that he had been in a helicopter that got hit by an RPG.

Inform: Mr. Williams admitted that his story wasn’t true and that he had been in a different group of helicopters that did not get hit. After admitting this, Mr. Williams took a voluntary leave of absence, but on Feb. 10, NBC News announced that Mr. Williams was to be suspended without pay for 6 months.

Care: The country’s favorite NBC News anchor may be gone from the field forever. If an anchor as respected as Mr. Williams can hide a 12-year secret, what other news sources may be frauds?


Know: ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has been described by President Obama as a “hateful and abhorrent terrorist group,” has been terrorizing Iraq and Syria through the brutal killing and torture of prisoners and regional citizens. Although it is not currently working with Al Quaeda, ISIS came from the Sunni terrorist organization of that well-known terrorist group behind the 9/11 attacks. ISIS is estimated by the CIA to have between 15,000 and 30,000 members

Inform: Ms. Kayla Mueller, 26-year-old humanitarian, was the last living American hostage being kept by ISIS, and the fourth American hostage to be killed. Ms. Mueller traveled to the Turkish-Syrian border in December of 2012 to help refugees and was captured in August of 2013.

Care: Although ISIS is not currently a threat to the U.S., the U.S. and its citizens may become a future target of the terrorist organization. In a released video of ISIS beheading American journalist James Foley, an ISIS fighter directly addresses President Obama and says that the journalist’s execution is a direct response to U.S. airstrikes.