A new glow


Ryan Bircher

Alyssa Hawkins, Class of 2015, Anna Roberts and Natalie Hinds (12) having fun at NightGlow, Feb. 27, 2015.

**Updated April 7.

Bright neon lights flash. The sound of the bass pulsates through the speakers. Bodies crowd around center stage, jumping to the beat. NightGlow.

The fourth annual NightGlow dance will be this Friday, April 8.

“I’m pretty excited about NightGlow. It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Kirstie Ruprecht, NightGlow chair, said. “I like the atmosphere. Everyone has a good time. There is really no pressure about dates and dresses because you just wear neon. It’s pretty chill.”

After the historic flooding in early 2016, StuCo questioned whether they should host NightGlow.

The subsequent repairs to the entire gym complex meant StuCo had nowhere to host NightGlow.

StuCo ran a survey on Twitter, Jan. 7, asking students if they would prefer NightGlow in April in Gym A, in the Commons or not have NightGlow at all. Fifty-six percent (out of 268 voters) voted to have NightGlow in April.

Despite the setbacks, NightGlow is expected to be a good time.

“NightGlow will be super fun because I like dancing. At NightGlow there will be better music, and you don’t have to dress up,” Nate Koenig (9) said. “Since I am a freshman, this is my first NightGlow dance, so I am excited they didn’t cancel it.”“

NightGlow is a time for friends to get together and show school spirit in a  different way.

“I am really excited to dance with all my friends and have a good time,” Elena Becker (12) said. “We are all planning on putting neon body paint on our arms and legs, so we can glow just a little more.”

Unlike previous years, this year, NightGlow is its own event.

“Usually NightGlow is right after a basketball game so everyone is amped up and stuff like that. But this year we don’t have anything like that,” Zach Thomason, NightGlow chair, said. “It’s about replicating a feeling and having it be its own isolated event where people get excited for it. So that’s why we changed the format to a beach theme this year.”

NightGlow will be held in Gym A from 7:30-11:00 p.m., April 8.

Tickets can be purchased ahead of time during lunch for $5 and at the door for $8.

**NightGlow has been cancelled because only 54 tickets were sold. 250 tickets needed to be sold in order for it to take place.