Madison Eble

Winter Storm, Jupiter brought below freezing temperatures and ice to the state of Missouri on Saturday, Jan. 14.


Know: Governor Eric Greitens gave his first State of the State address, Jan. 17. The Republican governor talked about ways for Missouri to grow economically.

Inform: Greitens spoke to limiting union powers. He believes adopting a right-to-work law and limiting the power of a union will put money back into the economy. Greitens also seeks to set new limits and stricter rules for liability lawsuits, making it more difficult for people to sue.   

Missouri ranked number 42 out of 50 states in 2015 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States, a survey of the 50 state lawsuit climates conducted by Harris Poll, representing an all-time low since the survey launched in 2002,” according the U.S. Chamber of Commerce site.

Care: If the right-to-work becomes law, any employees of employers with unions will feel major changes at their workplaces. Students working at area grocery stores may be able to weigh in on whether right-to-work makes the economy stronger.



Know: Winter Storm, Jupiter caused major problems across the states.

Inform: The storm hit the West Coast early in January and continued to move across the U.S. Portland, Oregon experienced 15 inches of snow, the Sierra Nevada mountains experienced up to 80 inches of snow, and even Kingvale, California received almost five feet of snow in 24 hours, Jan. 9-12. Jupiter then moved to the upper Midwest encasing Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska in ice causing power outages, Jan. 14-15.

This week the storm has progressively been moving towards the Northeast hitting states such as New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. The Northeast is currently experiencing more snowfall than ice. Luckily the winter storm is winding down and after a little over a week it’s about over. Roads and businesses are open again and there has been no further update about anymore upcoming winter storms.

Care: St. Louis stayed in doors for the most part, Jan. 13. Area schools noticed MoDOT’s request to cancel. Local business closed, as well. So few people on the roads reduced accidents and fatalities. Superintendent Eric Knost cancelled school, too.



Know: A 15-year-old student shot a teacher and two other students in the head before shooting himself at a private school in this northern Mexico City, Jan. 18. Another student suffered minor injuries from the shooting, which was captured on a video posted to social media.

Inform: The shooter died at a hospital and the other three victims with wounds to the head were struggling to survive. The boy that was wounded in the arm was out of danger. The school’s surveillance camera documented the act of violence.

Care: The United States is no stranger to gun violence in school. Everytown for Gun Safety, a group started after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, reports over 200 school shootings in America since 2013. Students and faculty routinely participate in active shooter drills. Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for Education Secretary, fielded questions about guns at schools in her Senate confirmation hearing, Jan. 18. She saw the possible need to have guns on campuses.