Madison Eble

Capturing the sunset at Castlewood State Park through the trees, Feb. 22.


Know: As Missouri warms up the tick population explodes. From 2000 to 2015 Missouri has reported 291 cases of Lyme disease.

Inform: Liam Phillips, one-year-old, was diagnosed with Powassan, a serious tick-transmitted illness, six months ago. Those who are diagnosed with Powassan, like Liam, might experience confusion, memory loss, or seizures. More serious symptoms of Powassan include receiving respiratory support or intravenous fluids. Just this year a 74-year-old man in St. Louis died from the tick-borne disease Ehrlichiosis. Symptoms of Ehrlichiosis include fever, chills, and muscle aches. Lyme disease is a common tick-borne disease that can cause fevers, headaches and fatigue. Antibiotics can fortunately treat Lyme disease in the matter of a few weeks.

Care: As summer approaches, people need to make sure they take preventative measures when going outside or into the woods. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services recommends using bug spray or wearing light-colored clothes lessens the chance of attracting ticks. A few precautions can avoid a lifetime of illness.


Know: Eight Penn State students that belong to the Beta Theta Pi fraternity were charged with “involuntary manslaughter and assault” for hazing Timothy Piazza, May 5.

Inform: Piazza, a 19-year-old Penn State sophomore, died, Feb. 4, from injuries sustained during fraternity activities. Piazza was one of 13 fraternity pledges who had to participate in a series of hazing rituals called “The Gauntlet” at a fraternity party, Feb. 2. Piazza fell down a flight of stairs and hit his head on a metal railing after an excessive intake of alcohol in a short period of time. It was more than 12 hours later before one of the fraternity brothers called an ambulance for the severely injured student. Piazza’s blood alcohol content reached 0.28 and 0.36 percent, according to ABC News.

Care: As 478 seniors prepare to take the stage and graduate at Chaifetz, May 24, they will leave the safety net of EHS and home. Without those caring adults in their daily lives, students will need to advocate for themselves and each other. They will need to identify dangerous situations without those adults’ help. They will need to learn to protect themselves and others. If only another pledge had said to Piazza, “Let’s leave,” or a fraternity brother had said, “Enough,” then he may be alive now.


Know: South Koreans elected Moon Jae-in as the new president of South Korea, May 9.

Inform: Historically, South Korea has followed the lead of the United States when dealing with their closest neighbors North Korea, a totalitarian government. Moon has already voiced his disapproval of the U.S. response to North Korea’s expanding missile development.

Moon discussed how the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System that the U.S. installed in South Korea might not be a good idea and could potentially make South Korea a target. The Washington Post reported Moon’s concern that THAAD could create conflict with China.

Care: Moon’s presidency marks a new complication for President Trump’s administration. South Korea has been an important tactical ally as the U.S. tries to keep North Korea in check. Trump promised to focus on America and that American efforts in other countries weakens that focus. One hundred days into his administration, the U.S. has bombed Syria and North Korea. Attacking these countries can put the target right back on the U.S.