State championships, a church shooting and arrests in Saudi Arabia


Taylor Werges

Ready for takeoff, Aly Jakcsy (12), Alexis Kleekamp (11), Kayla Voelker (9) and Adyson Delaney (12) begin their 5k race at state, Nov. 4.


Know: EHS had two victories at varsity boys swim and dive and cross country state competitions, Nov. 4. Boys varsity football also won the Class 6 District 1 football championship game against Lindbergh, Nov. 3.

Inform: Trevor Fischer (12) finished second in the class 2 one-meter diving competition for the varsity boys swim and dive state competition, Nov. 4. At the competition, Jared Wamhoff (12) also broke the school record for the 100m breaststroke at state with a time of 1:00:83.

Boys varsity football played Lindbergh Friday night, maintaining their undefeated record and eighth in a row district championship win. Hassan Haskins (12), running back and linebacker, lead the team to the win, scoring two touchdowns and running 159 yards on 22 carries. EHS beat Lindbergh (10-2) for the second time, Nov. 3. The football team will be taking on its next opponent, CBC (11-1) in a Missouri Class 6 state champion semifinal, Nov. 10.

The girls cross country team went to state with Adyson Delaney (12), Aly Jakcsy (12), Alexis Kleekamp (11), Savannah Lesher (9), Anna Lombardo (9), Courtney Reid (10) and Kayla Voelker (9) together placed the team in 11th.

  • Lesher led the team and finished in 49th place with a time of 20:16.
  • Voelker came next in 57th place with a time of 20:22.
  • Kleekamp followed in 70th place with a time of 20:33.
  • Jakcsy was not far behind in 88th place and a time of 20:46.
  • Lombardo finished in 92nd place with a time of 20:48.
  • While Delaney started strong in about 30th place, her ankle sprained just after two miles, leaving her in 103rd place with a time of 20:59.
  • Lastly, Reid finished the race in 105th place with a time of 21:01.

Nick Mungenast (11) represented EHS boys cross country and finished in 63rd place with a time of 16:57.

Care: EHS athletes represent the school in state and district competitions. Sports teams spend at least two hours a day, some including weekends, practicing and preparing for upcoming games and meets. The dedication that they put in goes to show how much they care about not only their team, but school and community as well. As the fall season ends, these athletes continue to demonstrate how resilient, enthusiastic and united EHS is as a school. The last time the cross country team made it to state was when Hannah Long won three state titles in 2014. Ally Weis (12) placed third in diving, Feb. 18, 2017.


Know: 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire at a Sunday ceremony at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, killing 26 people and injuring 20, Nov. 5.

Inform: After he killed over two dozen people, Kelley fled the scene. A local man who lived near the church heard the shots and fired his own rifle at the attacker at least once. The ‘Texas Hero’ continued to chase Kelley. An autopsy of Kelley showed that he was shot twice: one in the leg and torso, before shooting himself in the head. A former U.S. Air Force airman, Kelley experienced a series of legal troubles beginning in at least 2012 when he was court-martialed and sentenced to a year in military prison for assaulting both his wife and child. After being discharged from the military from misconduct, four witnesses told police deputies that they say Kelley punching a dog, Aug. 1, 2014. His offense against the Air Force wasn’t entered into a national database, allowing Kelley to pass background checks and purchase weapons. While it is likely that the Texas church shooting is one of the worst in U.S. history, the attack didn’t appear to be based on any racial or anti-religious issues. Since Kelley had sent many threatening texts to his mother-in-law and killed his grandmother-in-law, the attack is most likely stemmed from relative problems.

Care: With only eight weeks left in the year, 2017 has been the deadliest year for mass killings within the past decade. Data from the Gun Violence Archive demonstrates that there is a mass shooting – four or more people being killed in one incident – every nine out of 10 days on average. A study from NPR also found the U.S. to be have the 31st highest rate of gun violence in the world. As more mass shootings occur, little to no actions are being put in place to regulate the violence. Congress hasn’t made an effort to pass gun legislation since 2013, and the Republican majority hasn’t set it as a priority. If innocent and everyday people are dying in typical social events such as concerts, churches, and clubs, it is nearly impossible for them to know that they’ll be 100% safe wherever they go. After 9/11, serious changes were made to security in airports and travel. If security in airports and travel can be amplified, the same can be done to protect everyday environments. Reality is that anywhere at any moment and at any time, someone could attack. Taking precautionary measures and decreasing those opportunities is the first step.


Know: Saudi Arabia arrested billionaire and investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the world’s richest men; 10 other princes and four other cabinet ministers, Nov. 4.  

Inform: Looking to provide reform from corruption, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other authorities arrested a total of 49 high-ranking officials, all of whom have economic or military influence. The anti-corruption sweep of power and move away from conservative standards introduced by bin Salman’s reign of power after he replaced his cousin Mohammed bin Nayef. In order to consolidate the power within the executive monarchy, Saudi Arabia’s attorney general took quick action to arrest the members of the royal family, something that hasn’t been done that quickly in the history of Saudi Arabia. The members of the royal family are currently detained in five-star hotels for questioning.

Care: While President Donald Trump and Alaweed bin Talal, the arrested owner of the London Savoy, originally publicly clashed on Twitter over Trump’s controversial comments to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. during his campaign, relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States have improved. Saudi officials approve of Trump’s decision to decertify the Iran Deal. The kind of foreign policy that the government (isolationism or internationalism) implements has always been a major debate. As members of a community, everyone at EHS is responsible for finding ways to effectively work as a team rather than an individual.