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All things EHS all the time


All things EHS all the time


Awkward and looking off into the distance, I chose to model my last featured image off the movie Step Brothers.

2017 senior column: We are wildcats: Nick Weaver

Nick Weaver, EBN editor-in-chief May 17, 2017

As I sit at my desk for the last time to write one final piece for the EHS-hub, my mind is content. I’ve done everything that I’ve set out to do. After taking over EHS-hub Broadcast News at the...

After hurting his knee in a soccer game, Ryan Giesing (12) had to lean on me to receive ashes from Pastor Tim Schulte at FCAs annual Ash Wednesday service at the flagpole, Mar.  1.  As we stand in front of the school weve called home, were reminded of the trials weve faced together in the past four years. I look up to this man-both literally and figuratively.

Opinions: From the desk: Brotherhood

Nick Weaver, EBN editor-in-chief April 26, 2017

In the sky, God painted a picture using the most magnificent, vibrant colors. Countless shades of orange, red, yellow and blue opened up above like the gates of heaven welcoming me home. Piercing through...

Busch Stadium is just one of the many entertainment venues in the city that attracts people from across the country.

Opinions: From the desk: A city vision

Nick Weaver, EBN editor-in-chief April 12, 2017

I woke up the day after the recent election in a fantastic mood, April 5. After my alarm woke me up at 6:30 a.m. for school, I took a long hot shower and got dressed in khakis and a collared shirt. I ran...

Opinions: From the desk: Arriving at my destination

Opinions: From the desk: Arriving at my destination

Nick Weaver, EBN editor-in-chief March 29, 2017

If you would’ve asked me if I was ready for college six months ago, I would’ve answered, “No.” Not at all. Not in a long shot. While looking for a home to spend the next four years of my life,...

My mom, Angela Weaver, my brothers, Joey and Jack, my dad, Mike Weaver, my baby brother, TJ and I pose in front of the castle on TJs first birthday, March 14, 2014.

Opinions: From the desk: Magical moments

Nick Weaver, EBN editor-in-chief March 8, 2017

I did as I normally do every other week. I sat down at the desk in the corner of my room in the pitch black except for a lamp illuminating the area directly around my laptop. There were papers and...

Opinions: From the desk: My why

Nick Weaver, EBN editor-in-chief February 15, 2017

Charter schools. Magnet schools. Vouchers. Common Core. Standardized tests. Absence of technology. Unaccredited schools. Politicians. Lack of parental involvement. Overcrowding. Violence. Budget cuts. These...

While I was strolling around campus taking pictures, Jul. 26, I noticed this pile of litter lying in a flower bed outside of the gym building. For years Ive despised litter, so I moved the trash in front of the building to take a picture in anticipation of writing a column such as this.

Opinions: From the desk: Pick it up

Nick Weaver, EBN editor-in-chief January 18, 2017

There’s no easy way to say this. Oh wait… Yes there is. Let’s pick up our crap. EHS is one of the greatest schools in the state of Missouri. We have the type of faculty who go out of their...

The dark lord of the Sith, Darth Vader (Mike Weaver, my father) poses with me, Jack Weaver, my brother; Dale Manzo, my cousin and my friends Nathan Bauman (12) and Griffin Anderson  at my eighth birthday party, Aug. 26, 2006. Before taking this picture, my mother, Angela Weaver, handed out a variety of light sabers for all of our guests to fight with.

Opinions: From the desk: A long time ago

Nick Weaver, EBN editor-in-chief December 14, 2016

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. I was a little kid with big dreams. For my fifth birthday, my parents bought me a Star Wars chess set. On one side were silver characters shaped like figures...

Dressed as a Founding Father, Ryan Giesing (12) attends the journalism STL Trivia Night, Oct. 29, 2015. My friends and I dressed up in as much American clothing as possible for the Halloween-themed event. By the end, we were awarded a cauldron full of candy for having the best-dressed table. As much as I adore the Founding Fathers, the electoral college is one thing that they got wrong.

Opinions: From the desk: A founding flaw

Nick Weaver, EBN editor-in-chief November 30, 2016

Bipartisan issue: an issue supported by both sides. Such cooperation is hard to find in today’s political culture. Everything from gun ownership to healthcare to immigration splits people right down...

Before the presentation started, the veterans and their family members sat and waited in the theater. Mrs. Paula Watersam, Mrs. Claudia Trende and Mr. John Waltersam, the grandparents and mother of Anika Van Lieshout, Veterans Day Celebration organizer, are guests of the celebration every year.

Opinions: From the desk: Because of the brave

Nick Weaver, EBN editor-in-chief November 16, 2016

A community in which I can walk about and not have to consider my safety. A school that has so many opportunities I have to pick and choose so I don’t overload myself. A family that loves me for...

Opinions: From the desk: Press rally

November 2, 2016

On October 21st, Fox 2 News came to EHS to host a pep rally before our first playoff game against Lindbergh. Although I'm sure they had good intentions, the final result was something absolutely pointless...

Opinions: From the desk: We the press

Opinions: From the desk: We the press

Nick Weaver, EBN editor-in-chief October 19, 2016

A free press is the cornerstone of a democracy. I strive to be an ethical, independent journalist in an age where questionable practices haunt professional journalists. I have way more bad journalism role...

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