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Clothing taken to a whole new, grotesque level

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion about Urban Outfitters, an expensive, grunge clothing store.

All the uproar has been about how Urban Outfitters made, advertised and distributed disrespectful and offensive clothing items.

These items have included eating disorders, mental illnesses and even the Kent State University shooting in 1970.

The item that upsets me the most is the Kent State sweatshirt, a vintage sweatshirt that is faded red and looks as if there is splattered blood stains on it.

Really? Is this how a tragic college shooting should be remembered?


When Urban Outfitters released the sweatshirt to the public, Sept. 15, people and the press had a field day. They began bashing the store on all social media like Twitter and Facebook saying things like, “If Urban Outfitters are trying to be literally the worst brand ever then they’re doing a pretty great job,” and ” The sweatshirt is so distasteful.”

After the store realized what they had done, they put together a public apology.

Urban Outfitters stated, “It was never our intention to allude to the tragic events that took place at Kent State in 1970…”

What a lie. What is the point of making an apology that isn’t sincere?

And I can’t believe that no one on their staff thought, “Hmmm, maybe we should not exploit this because it is offensive.”

Someone had to have questioned whether to put certain things such as the Kent State tragedy on clothing items.

The Kent State sweatshirt really made me question as to why Urban Outfitters or any department store in that matter would put such a sensitive event on a clothing item and exploit it so much. I’ve never seen a sweatshirt referencing Sandy Hook or Columbine. The same logic should apply to the Kent State tragedy.

The sweatshirt was very disrespectful, and I, along with tons of other people, are truly upset by the insensitivity of Urban Outfitters. They just lost me as a customer forever.