Opinions: The little things: Relationships worth fighting for

The most important people in my life are the ones I fight with the most.


Hannah Mellor

The new staff members put one foot in as they welcome their selves to the Hub.

The holidays have come and gone and a new semester has begun.

As I start my first weeks back to school, I realize a lot of things have changed.

The biggest change for me was the new Hub staff. We went from having nine staff members to 15.

Reflecting back on last semester with our small staff, I noticed how close we got. In fact, I noticed the more we argued the closer we got.

I am an aruger.

I love to pick fights with my little brother and sister, Jameson and Gigi.

Outside of my family, I am always jokingly arguing with my friends or classmates about some silly topic, like about which “High School Musical” movie to watch.

I can’t forget about the goofy, small arguments I’ve gotten into with my adviser, Elisha Strecker.

I’m closest to the people I’m always arguing with.

Why would I pick a fight with my best friend or my intelligent mother who I know is always right?

Why pick a fight with my adviser when all she wants for me is to be successful?

Well now I know why…

I get into fights with the people I care most about because those are the relationships I’m willing to fight for.

These people are the backbone to my life, the lives that matter the most to me.

I always look at it like Tom and Jerry. No matter how many times we fight, we always go back to each other.

Maybe if I realized the people I fight with the most are the closest to me, I wouldn’t fight with them as much.

When my mom tells me the girl I’ve been wanting to hang out with isn’t a good influence, instead of arguing that she is I should realize that my mom is only saying it to protect me.

Getting into arguments every now and then can be healthy, but I have to make sure I only argue with the people that are worth the fight.