5 Things to know for the Week of 8/26


Mrs. Jo Ann Beck, P.I.E. coordinator, waits to help students sign up for Career Shadowing, Aug. 27.

1. P.I.E. Career Shadowing: Juniors can apply to take part in a day of career shadowing by picking up an application in the P.I.E. office, room 707.  A career shadowing table can be found in the Commons during lunch shifts, Aug. 27 & 28.

2. First varsity football game: The Wildcats will be taking on the Lafayette Lancers for the first home game of the year starting at 7 p.m., Aug. 30. Tickets will be on sale for $5 before and after school in the Activities Office, as well as during all lunch shifts.

3. StuCo Meeting: The first StuCo meeting will be held during 3rd hour in the Commons, Wednesday, Aug. 28.  The meeting is only open to previously-elected members or merit candidates who have earned their points. Be sure to give your teacher advance notice.

4. E!Crew Meeting: There will be a mandatory E!Crew meeting in the PD classroom during lunch, Aug. 27.  E!Crew leaders should attend during their lunch shift and bring their lunch with them.

5. First varsity softball game: The varsity softball team will play their first game of the season against Washington High School, Wednesday, Aug. 28.  The game will take place at Lakeview Park.