Wildcat chat: Testing time before break

How has having so many tests crammed in before break made you feel?


Megan Hammel (11) and Mackenzie Emmert (11) take a Human Anatomy test in class Friday, Nov. 22.

Kristyn Morse“I had a lot of tests on Friday, [Nov. 22],” Kristyn Morse (11) said. “I had a test in Sociology, French IV, AP Language Arts and Human Anatomy. Having them all on the same day made me feel anxious.”



“I had aJosh Ocuaman test in Psychology, Pre-Calculus and Senior Literature,” Josh Ocuaman (12) said. “Having so many tests is stressful just because I feel like the teachers could have spread out the tests more. I guess it makes sense since the break is coming up, the teachers are doing it for our benefit.”




“I had a test in Human Anatomy, a test in AP Phsycology and a test in Spanish III,” Danielle Otto (11) said. “I was kind of nervous about my tests because I had to take all four before break. Studying and preparing for all of them was hard.”




“I have had aIan Rust lot of tests this week,” Ian Rust (9) said. “I had one in Honors US History, Honors Biology and Spanish. I don’t feel good about it. I feel unprepared having them all within a couple of days.”




“I hMadisonave had a lot of tests actually, one in AP European History, Algebra II, Chemistry and Aerobics,” Madison Stemmler (10) said. “I’ve been overwhelmed because taking so many tests is a lot of effort, and finals are coming up, and ALAR/P presentations are this week and next week. There’s a lot going on.”