Seasonal sweaters and smiles

Festive Holiday Sweater Day encourages school spirit for the sixth year in a row


Gabbie Stevens (10), Kaitlyn Roberts (11) and Alexandra Jackson (11) stroll through the halls sporting their festive sweaters, Dec. 13.

From the moment the first poster is taped onto the wall, students begin spreading news about one of EHS’s favorite traditions: Festive Holiday Sweater Day.

A day filled with shirts of all colors and styles, Festive Holiday Sweater Day can only be described as a popular, spirited event.

“I’m excited to see what everyone is wearing on Friday,” Camila Chiriboga (11) said. “It’s fun to see everybody ready for the holidays and in the spirit.”

December 13 marks the sixth annual holiday event, which will take place. Each year, Festive Holiday Sweater Day also happens to mark the last school day before the week of December finals begins.

Mr. Justin Morris, social studies teacher, first introduced the ideafor two of his AP Psychology classes, December 2008.

“This was a moderately popular idea with people my age. Right after college, my friends would have festive holiday sweater parties and get-togethers,” Mr. Morris said. “I thought I’d try to incorporate it into the school day.”

After the day became a hit with the first group of kids, the fun expanded to the rest of Mr. Morris’ psychology classes and the rest of the Social Studies Department.

Festive Holiday Sweater Day has since become a school-wide tradition, acting as another spirit day in which students can participate.

“It’s accepted throughout the school to be dressed up,” Nick Ferrari (12) said. “Everyone dresses strangely, and everyone likes it.”

Even freshmen who recently became Wildcats find the fun in this tradition that most middle schools lack.

“I hadn’t really heard about the daybefore coming to EHS,” Grace Hampton (9) said. “But now I’m excited to see all the sweaters and the different designs.”

Along with the growth in popularity of Festive Holiday Sweater Day came a few traditions, such as taking class photos or voting for “top sweaters.”

“We try to encourage all of the kids to dress up,” Mrs. Ellen Garner, Social Studies teacher, said. “I have pictures from all of my past classes that I share with the other Social Studies teachers.”

The same spirit exhibited during Homecoming Weekcan be found on Festive Holiday Sweater Day.

“Everyone usually likes to particpate, a lot like Spirit Week,” Lexi Pesek (12) said. “The school gets really into it, and I like to see what everyone comes up with.”

Mulitple students go above and beyond to create the perfect outfit.

“I am definitely excited for the Festive Holiday Sweater Day,” Tommy Kessler (11) said. “I bought three sweaters this year, and I’m going to layer them on top of each other to make a sort of mega sweater.”

Even students who do not participate can find humor in their classmates’ sweaters.

“I think some people like participating because it’s very carefree,” Mr. Morris said. “Some students are really creative and elaborate. It gives them an opportunity to goof around and enjoy the day.”

The cheery attitude of Festive Holiday Sweater Day comes at a time of the school year when many students are stressed over final exams.

“Even though the sweater day is a really small thing, I think participating helps people calm down a little bit before finals,” Kessler said. “Plus, you get to wear a nice sweater.”

The sweater-filled day touts sweaters donning everything from snowflakes to ornaments to holiday figures of all kinds.

“Kids have a fun time wearing their own festive sweaters,” Mrs. Garner said. “That’s what is most important.”