Still looking for a way to ask her to Prom?


Kyle Haller asked Shannon Kupfer (12) after soccer practice, sweet and simply, which is always an option.

It’s that time of year again: Prom Season. The stresses of asking a date to Prom can be sometimes overwhelming. In order to ease stress the Hub has come up with some ideas to help.

Candles: Easy idea, wait until dark and light candles that spell out P-R-O-M. Maybe do it at a place of personal significance to both the date and asker.

Caution tape: Recreate a crime scene. Outline the body of the asker with chalk and lay holding a sign saying, “I would just die if you went to Prom with me.”

Pigs fly: Based on the phrase “When pigs fly” gather a few pink balloons and draw pig faces on them. Then stand somewhere where a friend can be near with the balloons hidden. Lead the potential date to that location and have two signs; the first saying “When will I ask you to Prom?” and the second saying, “When pigs fly” and release the balloons.

Fill room with balloons: Pretty simple idea here. Buy a ton of balloons to fill the date’s room, then hide with a sign saying “Will you float up to prom with me?”

Flour: Place a bag of flour on the potential date’s door step, with a note saying to open the bag for a surprise. As they open the bag they will end up with flour all over themselves. Then, come back to the door with a bouquet of flowers saying, “Whoops wrong flower.”

Fortune Cookie: Talk to a Chinese Restaurant and see if after dinner the waiter can bring a customized fortune cookies. Create a fortune saying “Will you go to Prom with me?”

Glow stick/chalk: Similar to the candles idea write out P-R-O-M with glow sticks outside the potential date’swindow. Or if asking during the day, chalk could be a great alternative.

Garage door: When the date is not home use posters or Post-its to spell P-R-O-M on her garage door. It’ll be a great surprise when she arrives home.

Notes every hour: Talk to some of her friends or the office, and have them give a note or flower, etc. once each hour saying “Will” “You” “Go” “To” “Prom” “With” and then you hand her the last note that says “”Me?”

Parking ticket: Print out a fake parking ticket. Put the ticket on the hopeful date’s car with P-R-O-M written on the back. This tactic is a fake-out worth the scare.

Pizza: Dress up as a pizza delivery person, and deliver her a pizza that with Prom written on it with her favorite topping.

Scavenger hunt: Send the date on a hunt around town to places where clues have been left. Each clue has riddles leading the date to the next spot. Wait at the last stop ready to ask the date to Prom.

Test question: Talk to one of her teachers and ask if one of the questions on a test can be, “Will [insert girl’s name here] go to Prom with [insert your name here]?” with the answers A) Yes or B) No.

Write a song: Got some musical talent? Try writing a quick song and serenade her at her window. Girls love a good singer.

Write on car: Grab some window paint or Post-it notes and write P-R-O-M in big letters on the date’s car in the parking lot. Just hide out at her car until she gets there after school ready to pop the question.

The Hub staff Hope she says yes.

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