Book review: “Anatomy of a Single Girl”


three stars  PG ds

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Dominique is still grieving over her first breakup from last year when she returns home from college for the summer.

After experiencing all of her firsts with her ex-boyfriend, she now feels she will never love any man the same again.

Then Dominique meets Guy. She begins to feel whole again after hanging out with him.

She experiences new things physically and mentally that she hadn’t discovered with her first boyfriend.

Her year-long funk seems to disappear.

The two aren’t in love but enjoy their relationship all the same. However, some things don’t last.

Daria Snadowsky has written a mature novel about what happens after all the firsts in a relationship.

It is a short read that will keep the reader’s attention the whole time.

This isn’t the type of book you see very often in young adult sections, which is why it is so refreshing to read.

Though this isn’t a thriller or a mushy romance book, it still has memorable characters and a certain realness to it.

Dominique really proves she is the one making the choices in her life even when many girls her age would think they can’t.

Snadowsky openly writes about what love and lust are. All of these factors add up to make a quick and enjoyable read.

If you are interested in this book be sure to check out Daria Snadowsky’s first book to this series “The Anatomy of a Boyfriend.”