Wildcats turn Redbird fans

Seniors enjoy a last outing together


Eddie Ruprecht

Seniors, decked out in their Cardinals gear, head to Busch Stadium on charter buses, April 30.

As the end of the year approaches, seniors begin to wrap up their final year of their high school career.

One landmark event is the senior Cardinals game.

This year seniors watched the St. Louis Cardinals take on the Milwaukee Brewers, a classical rivalry of the brewing cities of the U.S.

The 350+ seniors loaded onto buses headed to the stadium for the 12:45 p.m. game, April 30.

“The year is ending and most of us are going to be parting our ways,” Nick Rebecca, game attendant, said. “It was a good way for all of us to hang out.”

Along with the students, administrators enjoyed their day at the Ballpark, too.

“It was fun day riding down there together, being at the park and having that little bit of camaraderie as a class,” Mr. Dan Thoman, senior class principal, said.

The event is one of those unique high school experiences.

“We went to a Cardinals game my senior year and had fun. We had a blast,” Coach Jason Conley, game chaperone, said. “We all sat out in the bleachers of the old Busch.”

While Coach Conley remembers his trip as a senior, students have a chance to create their own special memories.

“I was with all my friends and everybody in the senior class that I’ve grown up with,” Chet Montefering, game attendant, said. “It gave me one last opportunity to be with all of them and have some fun.”

The seniors have put in their hard work for four years at EHS and being rewarded is special.

“This is a good incentive for students because for the most part our students deserve something like this,” Mr. Greg Curran, counselor, said.

This trip to the Cardinals game is not just a get out of school free pass, but it’s a way for seniors to be with their friends for one last event before graduation and when they leave for college.

“It promotes unity and its almost like one last shot together as a whole before graduation, even then everyone disperses after that,” Coach Conley said.

The Cardinals battled through the first few innings, but in the end they dominated the Brewers with a final score of 9-3.

With graduation at the forefront, the seniors seemed to enjoy an experience they will remember for a lifetime and also enjoy the time well spent with their Eureka family.