A nice place to chill

The Timbers offers much to its residents

The Timbers of Eureka

Construction for the newest hot spot in the Eureka community began back in September of 2013.

“It’s nice to see that Eureka is growing,” Mr. Brian Dell, The Timbers member, said .

With summer right around the corner and people preparing for their perfect beach bods, the newly-built recreation and work out center is a hub for all ages.

The Timbers features…

  • a large outdoor pool
  • a gym, the fitness center
  • two conference rooms for parties or meetings
  • locker rooms
  • free tot care
  • an aerobics room
  • a concession stand
  • a full-service kitchen

“It is the only place in Eureka like a rec-center that you can go and hang out with people,” Spencer Zaun (10) said.

The Timbers facility is comparable to the other fitness centers in the area, such as Lifetime Fitness and the YMCA. As it is very modern and up to date, much like Lifetime, however it isn’t quite as large, more like the YMCA. It is also much cheaper than both the YMCA and Lifetime.

“The Timbers is very nice, since it is really new it’s  got a really nice gym,” Zaun said. “I’m excited for the pool.”

The price for a membership at the Timbers is only $29.50 per month for an adult that is a Eureka resident, as opposed to the YMCA’s $52 per month and Lifetime’s $72 per month. http://www.eureka.mo.us/departments/parks-recreation/recreationcenter/

“I really liked how they offered a free seven-day trial,” Jacob Greene (10) said.“ It gives you a chance to check out the place before you commit to a full membership .”

The Timbers grand opening took place, Oct. 19. According to Mr. Michael Biedenstein, recreation supervisor, there was a great turn-out.

“It was very hectic, but it was exciting, Biedenstein said. “It was great to see so many people excited about the facility. That makes my job fun.”

From the outside the facility may look rather small but once inside the two-story structure there is a wide variety of exercise equipment to use. This includes bikes, elliptical machines, free weights, kettle bells and “all those tools of torture to torture yourself if you’d like,” according to Biedenstein.

“I like how it’s local,” Derek Westermeyer (11) said. “And I like how all the equipment is new and it’s really nice.”

The party rooms which can be reserved by anyone at any time, just call the Timbers at 636-938-6775. If one is in need of a more professional environment for a gathering the Timbers can make the accommodations.

The one feature The Timbers lacks is an indoor pool.

“I think they need more equipment, and I think they should’ve put an indoor pool in,” Mrs. Karen McLaughlin, The Timbers member, said. “It’s beautiful inside, and the equipment is really nice. I just think it should’ve been thought out more.”

The outdoor pool’s opening is a welcome addition. In addition to the fitness area, gymnasium, locker rooms, party rooms the Timbers will soon feature an outdoor pool. The pool is set to open to the public the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

“In the mornings we have football from about 8 to 11, so afterwards it’s going to be a nice little spot where we can hang out and cool down for the rest of the day,” Cameron Nisbet (10) said.