A piece of cake

As students depart the halls of EHS, seven teachers leave, too


Maleah Brown

Mr. Greg Curran, head boys volleyball coach, poses with his cake during Senior Night celebrations after the game against De Smet, May 7.

Despite the bond a teacher and student can share, the time to say goodbye always arrives: students graduate or teachers retire.

“I don’t really know how it’s going to be until the day of,” Jacquelyn Cooper (10). “It feels like nothing’s changed until Baker is not there.”

Seven teachers are retiring:

  • Mrs. Donna Baker, choir director
  • Mr. Greg Curran, guidance counselor
  • Mrs. Dianne Johnson, Science teacher
  • Mr. Craig Kennedy, testing coordinator
  • Mrs. Theresa Long, Art teacher
  • Mrs. Denise Pahl, Spanish teacher
  • Mrs. Gail Ross, SSD teacher

“I’m very happy for all the teachers, that they get to embarque on this next journey of their life that’s supposed to be the best part,” Mrs.Jennifer Strauser, associate principal, said.  “Of course, they will leave a hole in our staff and in our school. Their expertise and their dedication and their love for students from all of them is unsurpassed.”

The administration are not the only ones who anticipate the loss.

“It’s kind of negative just because Ms. Baker is like a mom to us at school in OnStage!” Cooper said. “She totally guides us every step of the way by being a perfect example of a hard worker. Her advice is just so useful in choir and in real-life situations.”

The new teachers coming in will have big shoes to fill.

“The fact that Ms.Baker did so much for choir and all her effort towards it, I think the person that comes next needs to at least try to put in the same amount of effort,” Niki Tajik (9) said.  “She’s impacted my life so much during this year, like through the musical and the talent show and OnStage! most significantly, but she helped with so much.”

Fellow teachers also have to adjust to the change.

“It’s just one of those things that you don’t really think about when you go into teaching; that there’s going to be all this transition, but every year is different,” Ms. Emily Hause, Spanish teacher, said. “No year is ever the same.”

Mr. Curran’s change is more one of location.

“Kids are kids whether you’re here or where I live or where I’m going to be in Kansas City, Mr.Curran said. “Kids are real people, and I will still have the opportunity to work with them.”

Saying goodbye is a change that is hard to adjust to but is also a part of life.

“The thought of Mrs. Pahls absence in my senior year is scary but I’m excited for her to get to to continue into another chapter of her life,” Brooke Beebe (11) said.